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by San Antonio Weddings & Ryan Hamilton Photography

San Antonio Weddings is so excited to share with you the awesome news! We have a cover for the next edition. Compliments of our amazing photo shootout contest we held last month at the very cool and historic Sunset Station.  

A couple months ago we sent out letters to many of South Texas' finest photographers asking them to participate in our second annual cover contest. Last year, you may remember a little bit about it. Ryan Hamilton Photography had come to us with this awesome idea and we were ecstatic to be a part of it. So, tada! Here we are again. Here are the details of this year's shoot.

Each photographer was asked to submit one photo that best displayed their style. These images would be voted on by real local brides. After several submissions, only 12 would get the chance to compete. And so on a beautiful October morning, a dozen of area pros busted out their gear and were ready for this awesome challenge. 

The photographers and their assistants gathered at one of the city's most historic and iconic venues--Sunset Station. We cannot say enough good things about the team at Sunset. They were so accommodating, eager to help and showed amazing hospitality. 

The photographers were divided into three groups and sent to their designated scene. They each had five minutes to position, move props, adjust camera settings and shoot. And when they were done, that group switched to a new location. There were three pre-set locations this year.


Each scene was carefully selected. And our team at San Antonio Weddings was extremely excited to piece together each scene with talented models, gorgeous florals, stylish tuxes, breathtaking dresses and fun props. It was so fun to see it all come together. 

But, like last year, we had a surprise location--the beautiful Depot 1. None of the photographers knew about this scene until minutes before they had to shoot. Each photographer was on a super time crunch. And in a 2-floor huge venue like this it was crazy. A coin toss told gave them parameters (will they shoot not he second floor or on the first). Not only had some of the photographers never stepped foot into this secret location, but it was such a short time to adjust and shoot. And no assistants to help carry lights this time. And it was pretty dark in there. Eeek.. 

But, they all did amazing. 

I cannot tell you how astonished I was with their quick thinking and creativity. We had photographers and models (in heels too) sprinting across the room and up stairs. It was definitely entertaining.  

If you're wondering if your photographer can deal with the crazy circumstances and stresses of the wedding day, if they're one of these in the group, I can surely say, you have nothing to worry about. :) We've seen them in action. And you're in good hands.

All the vendors who participated were absolutely wonderful to work with and we highly recommend each and every one of them.  Special thanks to all who made this possible. We could not have done it without you. Ryan Hamilton you rocked it. Thanks so much for your hard work and great commitment to making this a fun and memorable contest. 



Street location: Ewa Zahaska 

Train Station: Rachel Anders & Mark Patino

Spire: Tori Benavides & Luis Martinez

Participating Vendors:

Floral: The Last Straw Florist 

Hair: A Very Good Hair Day 

Lighting: Reese Production Company 

Makeup: Looks by Christina 

Props: Revive Vintage Rentals 

Tuxedos: Rex Formal Wear

Rentals: Reese Luxury Rentals 

Venue: Sunset Station

Videography: Limelight San Antonio 

Wedding Dresses: Destiny Bridal Boutique 







And here are a few of our favorite shots from the big day. 


Allison Jeffers Photography 


Ara Photography


Ardore Photography


Brian Shofner Photography


Dos Kiwis Studio


Jesse Garcia Photography


 JW Strawn Photography


Limelight San Antonio


Nicole Photography


 Photography by Samantha


And here is the amazing video shot by the Limelight San Antonio team. Thanks so much for your hard work. You guys always do an awesome job. 



San Antonio Weddings 2015 Shoot Out! from Limelight San Antonio on Vimeo.

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by The Elegant Bee Florist, Great Events & Rentals and Revive Vintage Rentals

In our recent edition of San Antonio Weddings, we showcased a few tables from area designers. With the limited space in the magazine, we are not able to show all the great work that went into each one. So here is a glimpse of an amazing jewel-toned table from The Elegant Bee Exquiste Floral Design, Great Events & Rentals, Revive Vintage Rentals and A Need for Place Settings. Our good friend and awesome photographer Kurtis Kronk of Kurtis Kronk Photography did an amazing job at capturing it all. 

Check out the entire spread in our the digital magazine here. Thank you  ZaZa Gardens for letting us use this awesome space

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posted by The Wedding Lady at 12:37 PM (10/2014)




Captions help tell your story

You know we are just in love with photos. They capture life in its truest most pure form-through imagery. They don't say a picture is worth a thousand words for nothing. But videography or cinematography brings that ability to tell a story to a whole new level, a level that we cannot describe here blabbing away with words. But instead need to show you. 

When we saw Tomas at Infinity Video's piece on a couple's wedding, we knew that it would be good like all the rest. But what was even better about this one in particular was that we were able to get a bit of insider information about parts of the wedding, that without words wouldn't be able to clearly understand. 




Here is more from Tomas at Infinity Video & Photo about this awesome idea.

Q: Does adding this to a video cost anything additional to the client? 

A: Nope, just an experiment at this point. 

Q: Where do you get the tidbits?  

A: The bride provided the personal ones, and I researched the rest.

Q: How did this come about?

A: Me and my wacky ideas, but the main reason was that I wanted to share a few special notes that would make the audience understand better. For example, it makes it a lot more interesting to know that the officiant is the grooms dad and this was his first wedding.

Interested in having your wedding captured by one the city's best? Check out Infinity's website here.  

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posted by The Wedding Lady at 1:50 PM (10/2014)

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